Saturday, 21 January 2017

Pittsburgh Yoseikan Academy

We are currently closed and looking for a new Dojo. Use the contact form to send a note and we'll be sure to contact you when we reopen. Thank you for your patience.


Modeled after the original Yoseikan Hombu Dojo the Pittsburgh Yoseikan Academy is a non-profit school that offers high-quality training, for both children and adults, in several traditional Japanese Martial Arts and in accord with the principles of Japanese Budo(martial arts) training. So what is the focus/method of traditional Budo training? It can probably best be summed up with this excerpt from John J. Donohue's "Forge of the Spirit" -

"The third major theme symbolically expressed in budo is the primacy of physical exertion in the development of the human spirit. It is for this reason that all modern budo is intimately concerned with 'seishin tanren', "spirit forging." Budo at its best is not a game, a sport, or even a method of self-defense, but a method for the development of human potential."

We welcome students who share a similar interest, or think they might, to look around the site and find out more about the Yoseikan Academy and the classes we offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to arrange a visit.